Age 8 was when Jefe first started to freestyle to the music played on the radio. Early Hip Hop legends such as DJ Quick, Dr. Dre, Snoop, 2Pac, and others set the blue print that Jefe would start to follow in developing his musical prowess.  His tendency to hang with the older more mature kids continued.  Jefe, his cousins Bam and Tah were heavily influenced by the music of the times.  As a result, Jefe discovered the good and bad aspects of running the streets with the homies.  For Jefe home invasions/ hopping in windows/stealing became the norm until he was later kicked out of his elementary school at the age of 10.  Jefe later moved to Long Beach where he would continue learning many lessons in the streets and the classroom.  Jefe completed his 8th grade year in his new City of residence Riverside, CA. For Jefe high school was not as intriguing as ditching class, smoking, drinking, and hustling.  Throughout these teen years Jefe would write poetry as an outlet to reconcile the thoughts in his head.  By senior year school was on the back burner.  At 18 years old Jefe traveled to Las Vegas and hustled hard with his cousin Dre.  Then, was finally confronted with his first real run in with the law.  He fought Larceny/robbery charges and wound up incarcerated Clark County Detention Center for 3 months.  He would later go to a brutal boot camp for 6 months where he faced further jail time had he not completed the rehabilitation program in Indian Springs, Nevada.  Turning 19 years old behind bars changed Jefe and drew him closer to the music.  While locked up he began to write rhymes and beat box music to rap to until regaining his freedom.
Jefe returned to Riverside with a new sense of determination.  He got money by any means and kept working at his newly renewed passion for music until he found himself recording with the homie TMG.  Jefe would start fine tuning his craft while bouncing around to different recording situations.  All this perseverance led Jefe to releasing his first musical collection Pot Luck vol. 1 on 4-20-2010.  He would follow that release up with 10 steps ahead in 2011, No cuts & Potluck vol. 2 in 2012, and Pot Luck vol. 3 in 2015. 
Now, things for Jefe have come around full circle because he is now a part of the Music Maniacs and is on the road for greatness.  For Jefe, possessing the stubbornness of perseverance was a game changer, so now it’s time to change the game!


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