Petey Pitts (a.k.a. Peteyboy) launched his career as one of three members of the band S.V.A. S.V.A.'s songs “No 1 Else” and “Rims On The Whip” blazed the airwaves and created a strong following particularly in the southwest. They distributed more than 50,000 cd's and toured with DMX, Bone Thugs and Harmony, Paul Wall, Pit Bull, Baby Bash, Brown Boy, and many others. With the departure of one of S.V.A.'s band members, Petey and remaining band mate RJ created Zeenie Town. Similar to Petey Pitts’ current solo projects, Zeenie Town's sound is blend of funny sexy energy with a musical freedom that doesn't box in its sound. Zeenie Town enjoyed domestic and international success with hits such as “Cougar” and “More Than A Night”. Zeenie Town also released “No Idea” as a single through Quack Recordings and, with the help of Monica Benson of Bok Music, had several songs played in television shows and in movies.  After multiple tours, RJ returned to producing full time and as an independent artist Petey Pitts launched his solo career.

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